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    Manipulative Characters in Roleplays


    I’ve kind of always wanted to write this rant, so here we go:

    You know when there’s that character in the RP whose bio says that he’s supposed to be ‘manipulative’ and ‘sly’ and really good at reading people and clever and stuff?

    Those characters are supposed to be brilliant puppet-masters, and they’re supposed to be able to manipulate other characters. The admins wrote that character that way for a reason, and the person playing the character should have the liberty to use their character in a realistic way. So when you’re playing against a character like that, don’t have your character guess the manipulative/secretive character’s motives just because you want the ‘good guys’ to win. Especially if you’re playing someone who’s supposed to be easily manipulated.

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               thehumbleroleplayer's roleplayer challenge

    this is a small challenge that I’ve had in mind (and in my drafts) for a while and I thought I’d share it so others can do it, too. it can consist of text, images, gif sets, playlists, a mixture of all of the above, or whatever else you want to use to complete the challenge. there are no rules or anything, but if you could reblog this if you’re going to do it that would be awesome. [and if you tag your responses with thrpchallenge that would be even cooler! i may create a blog with some highlights from people’s posts]

    7 favorite characters

    seven characters that you have played in the course of your roleplay career. if you haven’t played seven characters yet (or if you don’t have seven that you want to list), you can include characters that you’ve interacted with that you particularly love.

    6 favorite faceclaims

    this can either be the top six face claims that you love playing, six face claims that you love seeing in the rp community, or a mixture of different face claims you enjoy and/or play. 

    5 favorite ships

    while we all insist that ships are not at the center of roleplaying, we do know that they can play an important role anyway - and that they can hurt as much as they can feel amazing. these are five of your favorite ships from your roleplaying days - whether it’s your character and another, two characters you loved seeing together, OT3s or 4s or 5s, or a mix of those, they’re ships you’ll never stop sailing.

    4 favorite paras

    the cornerstone of roleplaying is the writing. sort through your old para samples, look through your self paras, or hunt down your favorite para with someone else. you might just want to use a small sample that struck you. these are two of your favorite pieces of writing from your roleplaying career - maybe they made you laugh or cry or both, but they’re memorable.

    3 favorite rolpelays

    we all have that one rp that was just our whole life, that we’ll never get over. these are three of your favorite roleplays, whether you’ve been in them or not, whether they’re still active or not. 

    (if you’re an indie roleplayer that has never been in a group rp, you can include three fandoms you enjoy roleplaying with, three other characters you enjoy playing with, three verses that you love, etc)

    2 favorite media pieces

    a huge part of running a character’s page is posting pictures that hold an uncanny resemblance to your character or posting songs that just fit their situation or their past. if there’s a picture or song that you haven’t used for another category yet that you just need to include in this challenge, now is the time to do it. 

    1 favorite quote

    everyone has at least one character with one witty remark or striking set of words that are a favorite. whether it’s something silly or something heartbreaking, this is just one quote from your character that will always resonate in your mind.

    ellets replied to your post: “I’m applying for a group RP for the first time in like months.”:
    I’m sure you’ll get the role you’re going for ^.^ Good luck!

    I just saw this, thank you :DD

    You are the best I want to kiss your entire face and wear lipstick so that your entire face will be covered in red kisses and people will be like “what happened” and you can say “elly happened” seriously you are the best. —kstewrpc talking about her love for me.
    Anonymous asked: What group did you apply for? :)

    I haven’t applied yet, I’m still working out the bio and I haven’t even started the para yet. I don’t want to say because I’m afraid I might jinx it, but I’ll let you know after I sent my app it C:

    gaskath night ily

    I’m applying for a group RP for the first time in like months.

    oneanondirection asked: shay

    send me your name and i’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

    Sybil Vane Was Ill by Girl In A Coma

    Hate To See Your Heart Break by Paramore

    Anti-D by The Wombats

    You Wouldn’t Like Me by Tegan and Sara


    how did my muse disappear bitch come the fuck back

    knut-gudmundsdottir asked: Hanna

    send me your name and i’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

    How Soon Is Now by The Smiths

    Ambulance by Eisley

    Not With You by Tegan and Sara

    Numb by Marina & The Diamonds

    Asleep by The Smiths